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How Asian chefs are reinventing traditional Cantonese cuisine

With its deep-rooted traditions and centuries-old history, Cantonese cuisine does not seem like a cuisine easily susceptible to being reinvented or blowing away modern culinary fantasies. Yet, artfully and skillfully, some of the most talented chefs in Asian Chinese restaurants are reinventing Cantonese classics for today’s palate, whether it’s incorporating …

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Slammed by Hong Kong News Outlet

While Bitcoin is inherently a decentralized technology, meaning that payments can be disintermediated and peer-to-peer, some services in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are subject to the issues of centralization. It appears that one such service is BitPay, an Atlanta-based Bitcoin payment processor that is a company behind the majority of cryptocurrency-enabled …

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The Hungry Lawyer: Nectar, for high-end vegetable cuisine

I read a recent food review in the South China Morning Post ask if a US$215 afternoon tea at the new Artisan’s Lounge in Tsim Sha Tsui is what Hong Kong really needs right now. That’s a good question, but a better question might be whether such a tea set …

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