Monthly Archives: July 2020

VEA’s Vicky Cheng on her Sino-French cuisine

Defending his unique Sino-French cuisine at the one Michelin star VEA restaurant, chef and co-owner Vicky Cheng is considered one of Hong Kong’s most creative culinary minds. He tells us how this improbable marriage of two different traditions was born. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, the forbidden F word …

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Scott Morrison stands firm after China threatens bilateral ties

Overnight an editorial published in China daily made a strongly formulated threat to Australia. Millions of pro-democracy protesters march through central Hong Kong. (Getty) “Australia has repeatedly ignored warnings from China that its measures are pushing bilateral ties to a breaking point,” the editorial read. “If he continues to do …

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Castellana presents two new seasonal menus to celebrate Piedmontese cuisine

Castellana in Causeway Bay is known for serving top-notch Piedmontese cuisine using the finest authentic ingredients from the Italian region. This summer, the restaurant is offering two new seasonal menus that further celebrate this part of the avant-garde culinary world. The two new menus are the creation of chef Fabio …

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