A taste of comfort food from Japan at Grill Tajimaya

Hong Kong’s love for Japan and its cuisine knows no bounds, and for many of us it takes comfort to know that we can enjoy great Japanese food right here in this city. That convenience also comes in the form of Japanese wellness foods, including Japanese-style grilled Hamburg steak, which brand founder Naoki Nishimura, who has lived in Hong Kong for over a decade, swears. only when he is homesick. By sharing this comfort food, Nishimura also hopes to bring comfort to Hong Kong people during this time when they need it most.

The restaurant is owned by the Tajimaya Group, one of the largest importers of high quality Japanese Wagyu in Hong Kong, making it excellent burger steaks. Similar to ground beef patties in a burger, Hamburg steak was made popular by migrant Germans and became popular in the 1960s as a staple in Japanese culture. It has now turned into the comfort food it is today and is served in so many ways. Sometimes it’s topped with cheese, and other times with Japanese curry and even Italian-style tomato sauce.

Hamburg steak with black pepper mushroom sauce

Grill Tajimaya’s signature Hamburg steaks are made with 100% chilled Japanese Wagyu, making this an incredibly juicy and tender patty that melts in your mouth. Hamburg steak highlights include variations of sauces and sides over a sizzling hot teppan, such as a bright, intensely flavored red wine demi-glace sauce; a vegetable wafu, or Japanese-style sauce, served with a refreshing grated radish; a creamy and flavorful sauce with a soft-boiled egg dripping on top; and a rich and spicy black pepper and mushroom sauce.

Grill Tajimaya also offers a marbled Japanese Wagyu steak, carefully selected for its exquisite and moist taste. Thick tenderloin steak, for example, is simply seared and seasoned with butter, sea salt, and herbs to amplify the flavors and umami already present in the beef. Other dishes to consider include a meaty pork loin, tender chicken, and northern salmon meunière which comes with a choice of different sides and vegetables.

Japanese Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Steak

Satisfying every time, all Hamburg steaks, Wagyu steaks and more are served in a welcoming environment with warm and friendly staff, making your meal with friends and family at Grill Tajimaya full of comfort, thanks to the dishes of Japan’s favorite wellness grilled to perfection.

Grill Tajimaya, Boutique 2A-1, 2 / F, Center Sun Hung Kai, 30 Harbor Road, Wan Chai

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