Donita Rose promotes modern Filipino cuisine in the United States as a business chef

As a business owner for a US-based Filipino supermarket chain, Donita Rose is always looking for ways to promote modern Filipino cuisine.

In Lhar Santiago’s “24 Oras” report on Tuesday, Donita spoke about cooking and being a professional in the United States.

“I am always developing new recipes. This is the fun part about it. It’s like reinventing the wheel. Sinigang is sinigang. How to make sinigang again? she said.

As a business manager, she is in charge of the company’s 15 catering branches.

In addition to caring for the Filipinos in the country, Donita said she was happy to see that our food had a foreign market as well.

“Those who aren’t used to Filipino food, I talk to them like, you know what, binagoongan is a staple in the Philippines. You should actually open your mind to it, ”she said.

“Then they were trying to say to each other, oh, I never thought I could say I liked it because the smell didn’t match his taste.”

Although she thrived in the United States, Donita said she still tries to look for jobs that allow her to be on camera, such as accommodation.

“I only made one and they contacted me, which was a huge surprise. It was for a pastry show, to be co-host, ”she said.

Donita also said she was ready to return to the Philippines to further her career in showbiz.

The former actress and MTV VJ revealed her new work in April. – Franchesca Viernes / RC, GMA News

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