Hong Kong education system urged to follow “right direction”

Hong Kong middle school students return to public schools in Causeway Bay on May 27, 2020 after a four-month class suspension caused by the coronavirus pandemic. [PARKER ZHENG / CHINA DAILY]

Hong Kong’s education system must adhere to the right “one country, two systems” leadership and core values ​​such as patriotism, rule of law, self-reliance, inclusion and harmony, the bureau said Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Council of State Affairs in a statement. Friday statement.

The office called on all of Hong Kong to take action to cut off the “black hand” extended to the education system and young people.

Leading activist Joshua Wong’s Demosisto party has called for a student strike to oppose proposed national security legislation for Hong Kong. On May 28, the National People’s Congress, China’s highest legislative assembly, approved the decision to pass such legislation.

A spokesperson for HKMAO said in the statement that students are being used to prevent the passage of national security legislation.

A significant number of students in Hong Kong have already paid a heavy price by participating in radical and violent crimes, the HKMAO said.

As of May 29, more than 40 percent of the 8,981 people arrested for illegal activities were students, the youngest being 11, according to the bureau.

A 12-year-old student has been arrested three times for illegal activities, a 13-year-old teenager has been arrested with Molotov cocktails concealed on his body, while 16 and 17-year-olds have been implicated in a fatal assault on an elderly street cleaner.

“Many young students have committed crimes, and the toll and the stain of these crimes will weigh heavily on them for a long time, destroying what should have been a bright future for them,” the spokesperson said.

In many schools in Hong Kong, education has seriously deviated from the “one country, two systems” orientation and the idea of ​​”Hong Kong independence” as well as violence was spreading in the schools.

According to the office, a teacher from Hong Kong openly stated that the British invasion of China during the Opium Wars in the mid-19th century was aimed at eliminating the narcotic. A high school deputy headmaster said that the children of police officers should “not live beyond the age of seven”.

“If the educational chaos in Hong Kong does not end, the political chaos in Hong Kong will be endless,” the spokesperson said.

Any incitement to “Hong Kong independence” and violence must be eliminated from schools, the spokesperson said.

Hong Kong education authorities, schools, teachers and parents have also been urged to protect the education system and young people.

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